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Team FAQs

What is a LFA TEAM Member and Why Should I Join the Team?

A team member is anyone who is able to help work the sale, distribute flyers, bring in barter items, help take down our racks, etc. All Members “earn” a ticket to shop the sale before everyone else during our Team Pre-Sale and receive a $10.00 LFA BIG Buck card (donating all unsold items not required). Being a team member is completely optional. 

If I am fulfulling my shifts but cannot attend  TEAM Member Pre-Sale, may I give my ticket to someone else?

Absolutely! If you cannot attend the Team Pre-Sale, feel free to give your ticket to anyone who could benefit from it!

Who can I bring to the TEAM Pre-Sale?

We know it can be helpful to have someone with you to help you shop. At the same time, it is important that we keep it fair to those who have earned the right to shop at the Preview Party by not allowing uninvited guests. Our Shopper Policy for Team LFA Pre-sale is as follows:
Spouse, grandparents AND/OR children under 18 may shop with Team member on one pass. No sisters, friends, aunts, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please only bring children if absolutely necessary. Children under 12 must remain with a parent AT ALL TIMES. As a reminder, for security purposes, dressing rooms are no longer provided.

I currently have a nursing baby who won’t take a bottle. Can I still be a team member?

We try to make provision for ladies who need to bring their nursing infants with them to a shift, but please contact us so that we can help you pick a shift that will be suitable to your needs. Text to 540-525-1446.

May I place my items on the sales floor during my shift?

We understand the life of a busy mom and trying to consolidate trips to the location. Team members are welcome to put their items on the sales floor but need to check with the “lead” team member prior to doing so. In most cases it will not be a problem, but please understand if you are asked to put your items out before or after your shift.

I am pregnant and my doctor has ordered me to be less active. Is there a shift that will accommodate me?

We would still love to have your help! Please contact us so that we can help you pick a shift that will be suitable to your needs!

My child loves to help and would like to come with me to my shift. Is that okay?

Children must be 12 years or older to accompany a shift with their parent, and they will be required to stay with the parent at all times. No children under 12 may accompany a volunteer (with the exception of nursing infants with permission). We appreciate your understanding!

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