Consignor Updates

Happy Summer LFA Kids Families!

Drop & GO service continues-

Monday Sept 23rd 10am to 6pm. Do you donate all your remaining items and wish to let our staff place your items on the sales floor? Then this service is for you! As the name implies, mark all your items with a "D" in the lower right hand corner (to be donated at the end of the event) and drop your items off during these exclusive times. Make sure to choose your Drop & Go drop-off time on-line.


Our Check-in process has been improved for quality and ease of check in: PLEASE READ

  • Have Faded Glory, Circo, or Kmart Brands? We have a $2.00 price minimum. Unless you have items NWT from these brands, save your time and supplies and donate those to your favorite local charity. Remember to bring your BEST…leave the rest! Simply put, they don’t sell at our venue.

  • Pull along the curb line to drop off your items. Weather permitting, we will have someone curbside to get you checked in as a seller and to distribute PRE-Shopping event tickets (Team LFA AND/OR Consignor Shopping).

  • You will be directed to your on-site personal drop-off coordinator who will work with your privately to inspect your items. Please unload all the items from your vehicle and MOVE YOUR CAR TO A PARKING SPACE. We will inspect loose items first, hanging items last. After we look over the loose items, we will inspect your hanging items and have them ready for you after you have finished putting your loose items on the floor (and seeing all the other goodies that have come in).

  • There will be a 3 purse/bag/tote/wallet limit per consignor- Name brands only

  • Stuffed animals are permitted if they are in excellent shape and offer an educational purpose/have moving parts. Pillow Pets are not allowed.

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