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Consignor News

Drum Roll Please.... We are happy to annouce some exciting improvements this season!

 NO MORE BAR CODE LABELS! We have simplified the our process so you no longer need to purchase label paper. Simply enter in your amounts and tags will be generated, wrtie your brief item description and your done! Of course if you have leftover labels, you may coninue to use them, too.

There is a 10 Hanging Item  Limit for Fashionista Clothing and a 5 Pair of Shoes Limit.

Questions about your check or lost items MUST be addressed at the Berglund Center during pick up.  Questions will not be addressed after pick up as we have no way to properly respond after the event is over.

       All consignors who choose to donate their items at the end of the event and mark ALL items with a "D" in the lower right hand corner will have receive a $10.00  LFA BIG Bucks Card at drop-off! Our donations benefit wonderful organizations in our community who are so appreciative of our items.  All donations from this event will go to the Rescue Mission.

Please consider becoming part of TEAM LFA. We offer many options to accomodate everyone's busy schedules, offer great rewards, and have fun too!

 NEW! Drop & Go Service allows consignors who have prepared all their items and wish to DONATE all unsold items at the end of the event to "DROP & GO". Our staff will get their items onto the sales floor.  Drop off times are Monday Sept 24 from 3:00pm-6:00pm and space is limited. Please note that all items MUST be marked with the letter "D" in the lower right hand corner, If all items are not marked correctly, the consignor will be charged and additional $10.00 participation fee.





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