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Check-In and Pick-Up Dates

Drop-Off Dates:

!!!TUESDAY, September 20th and WEDNESDAY, September 21st!!! 

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Select a Check-In/Drop-Off Time From Your Consignor Home Page


**Our Drop and Go Service allows consignors who have prepared all their items and wish to DONATE all unsold items at the end of the event to "DROP & GO". Our staff will get their items onto the sales floor.  Please note that all items MUST be marked Donate: YES or have a "D" in the lower right hand corner, If all items are not marked correctly, the consignor will be charged the $12.00 participation fee. 

Unsold Item and Check Pick Up Date:

MONDAY, September 25th 3:00pm to 7:00pm ONLY

Items not picked up will be donated at 7:00pm

While many sellers are able to account for every item during seller pickup, it is common to have a few missing items listed on your seller report. Common reasons range item miss-sorted into another seller’s number, sellers leaving items at home, customers switching tags and theft. LFA Kids pledges to protect your items to the best of our ability and treat them as our own. While we do have numerous security measures to protect your items for sale, we are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.  If you are missing more than a few items, or any high priced item, please bring it to our attention at item/check pickup as most of the time we are able to help you locate your missing items.


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