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Thinking of joining Team LFA?

Team Members receive tickets to the TEAM LFA Pre-SALE shopping and are the first to enter the building!

(See options below). For scheduling purposes, we request that you choose only one option and do not "mix-and-match".

Team LFA members may go the LFA website to cancel their shift or switch to a different shift until Sunday September 23rd at midnight. After which, you may either find a suitable replacement to work on your behalf or text 540-525-1446 to see if there is an alternate shift available. Team members who are unable to fulfill their obligation and do not find a suitable replacement, may be charged a 20% deduction from their sales check and banned from volunteering at future events. We count on each and every volunteer to make the event a success!


           **Super Sorters work Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 6:30pm-11:30pm**


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Media Coverage:

If you can help us secure free Radio, TV or Newspaper Coverage you will may receive a ticket to the TEAM Pre-sale and earn up to 75%.


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