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TEAM Options

Thinking of joining Team LFA?  Here's why you should...

  • Team Members receive a ticket to the TEAM LFA Pre-SALE shopping hours and are the first to enter the building!
  • Members can earn up to $100 in LFA STORE BUCKS to use at the event or an additional 10% of their sales! 

Team LFA members may go the LFA website to cancel their shift or switch to a different shift until Sunday September 20th at midnight. After which, you may either find a suitable replacement to help on your behalf or text 540-525-1446 to see if there is an alternate shift available. Team members who are unable to fulfill their obligation and do not find a suitable replacement, may be charged a 20% deduction from their sales check and banned from helping at future events. We count on each and every person to make the event a success

To Join TEAM LFA log in to your Consignor HOME PAGE



LFA Store Bucks Earned

Entry time to Seller/Consignor Shopping

Description of Work 

NEW!! SUPER STOCKER 10% of your sales or  $50, whichever is greater


Sept 23rd 4:00pm

Tuesday Sept. 22nd 2:00pm to 8:00pm. Unpacking Busy Mom items and placing them on the floor. Requires high energy at a fast pace. 
Barter Item  


Sept. 23rd  4:30pm

Bring one of the items listed on the Team LFA schedule

One 4 Hour Shift




Sept. 23rd 5:00pm

Organizing and sorting items

Two 4 Hour Shifts




Sept. 23rd 4:30pm

Organizing and sorting items 

Three 4 Hour Shifts


+10% of your sales or $100, whichever is greater


Sept. 23rd 4:00pm

Organizing and sorting items
SuperSorter +10% of your sales or  $50, whichever is greater


Sept. 23rd 4:30pm

Sort unsold items Sunday Sept. 27th 5:30pm to 11:00 pm. Requires high energy at a fast pace.



















How to Join TEAM LFA 



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