How It Works

Twice a year over 500 families (referred to as Consignors) prepare their gently used kids, maternity, and home decor items and bring them to the Berglund Special Events Center where we arrange everything by gender, size, and area... creating one large pop-up department store! Consignors leave their items with our trusted staff to sell on their behalf and do not have to be present during the event.

At the end of the event,  unsold items, not donated to local charities, are picked up by each consignor and checks are distributed.

LFA KIDS makes it easy to turn your clutter into fast cash....and for top re-sale dollar!

How it Works

  1. Register to be a consignor
  2. Prepare your items using our easy-to-follow guidelines for pricing, tagging and hanging - (Minimum of 15 items)
  3. Bring us your items to the Berglund Center during designated drop-off times -see our Drop-Off Dates Page
  4. Earn 60% of the sold price, less a $10.00 participation fee required at regsitration.
  5. Get a $10.00 LFA BIG Bucks Card if you choose to donate all your unsold items (and you have marked all of your items with a "D" accordingly)
  6. Shop Before the Public - during our Consignor Pre-sale
  7. (Optional) Join the LFA TEAM -be one of the first to enter the building, and receive a $10.00 LFA BIG Buck card (donating your unsold items not required, limit one card per team member)
  8. Pick up your unsold items and get your check. If you donate all unsold items, your check will be mailed.


Short on time? 

Let us prepare your things for you! Our experienced taggers will prepare and price your items to maximize your earnings!




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