How It Works

If you have gently used brand name kids items that your children no longer wear or use, let us help you turn your clutter into cash!
Join our over 500 consignors to see why...

Roanoke Area Moms Voted LFA #1.

Consignors Shop before the Public!

How it Works

  1. Register to be a consignor
  2. Prepare your items using our easy-to-follow guidelines for pricing, tagging and hanging - refer to our Preparing Your Items Page
  3. Bring us your items to the event location during designated drop-off times -see our Drop-Off Dates Page
  4. Earn 60% of the sold price, less a $10.00 participation fee deducted from your check. This fee will be waived if you choose to donate all your unsold items (and you have marked all of your items with a "D" accordingly)
  5.  Join the LFA TEAM and earn up to 70% on your items. All Team Members' Participation fee will be waived.

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Short on time?

Use our Busy Mom (formerly Full Service) Tagging Service




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